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2016 The 2nd Chinese Arts and Culture Festival
Published:28/11/2016    Source:China Joint Chamber of Commerce in Europe    Views:777 Times
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2016—The 2nd Chinese Arts and Culture Festival
14th August, 2016
The 2nd Chinese Arts and Culture Festival was successfully held on 14th of August,
during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This one-day event has attracted more than 1
300 natives and tourist who are interested in Chinese arts and culture, both Chinese
and Scottish Medias and high statues people from local government and businesses.
Leaded by Jie SONG, chairman of Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce, 10 staffs and more
than 50 volunteers were involved in the planning and preparation works. With the
marvelous performances from all the performers, the 2nd Chinese Arts and Culture
Festival achieved great success, making Chinese arts and culture shining on the
international stage of arts.

VIP session and Media interview

This year, we are delighted and honoured to invite Chinese Consul General Mr.
PAN Xinchun, Deputy Consul General Mr. ZHANG Huazhong and Mr. ZHANG Limin, Chairman
of Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce Ms. SONG, Provost of South Ayrshire, Helen
Moonie, Chief Executive of Visit Scotland Mr. Malcolm Roughhead, Deputy Director
General of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture, Ms. Duan Tianling, Director of
Confucius Institute for Scotland, Natascha Gentz and many other VIPs in business
and government.

Chinese Arts and Culture Seminar

As a new part launched on this years’ Chinese Arts and Culture Festival,
the Chinese Arts and Culture Seminar intended to promote Chinese traditional
 arts and culture, letting people experience the essence. The seminar has
attracted more than 100 people who work for arts institutions or from art
businesses, as well as staffs from the Confucious Institutions all over Scotland.

Performing Troupe 1: Fudan Drama Troupe

Fudan drama troupe was established in 1925 and was the first drama troupe in
Fudan and one of the first drama troupes in China. The first mentor of Fudan
Drama Troupe is Professor Hong Shen, who was the pioneer of Chinese modern drama.
Since 1987, Fudan Drama Troupe has held Fudan Drama Festival every two years.
We have already held the 13th Fudan Drama Festival in 2015. It is widely known
as the most famous festival in fudan where almost every student in Fudan could
enjoy dramas.
We are still creating new dramas and performing classical dramas in order to
make more progress and cultivate positive art culture in Fudan University. We
hope to enhance drama exchanges in different universities and in different
This year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, on the land of
United Kingdom where Shakespeare was born, these Chinese artists delivered
they most sincere regards to the most famous play writer by interpreting the masterpiece.

Performing Troupe 2: Shanghai Theatre Academy

The Shanghai Theatre Academy has been providing Shanghai Puppet Troupe with
many puppet performers of high quality. Total achieved 3 golds, 5 silvers and
5 bronze in Golden Lion Puppet Awards. The epic and that Shanghai Theatre
Academy participates in won the “Remarkable Plays” and “Best Visual Art”
respectively in the 2nd Shanghai International Puppet Festival & Competition.
Many student representatives were invited to attend various international competitions.
The Chinese Puppet show has a long history, telling stories by using the puppets.
 On this years’ Chinese Arts and Culture Festival, The artists from Shanghai
Theatre Academy used wired puppet, String puppet and rod puppet to tell the stories of
, , , , < Three Monks> and . The amazing art of puppet controlling, the vivid stories
and the perfect stage effect earned them endless applauses.

Performing Troupe 3: Experimental School Attached to Beijing Normal University

The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University (SDSZ) was founded
in 1917, formerly known as the "Girls High School Attached to Beijing Normal University".
It has an excellent tradition of education with profound cultural heritage. Since its
establishment, the school has consistently enjoyed a nationwide reputation for its
rigorous manners in pursuing studies and proper approaches of educating students.
The SDSZ has achieved the best result in the Entry Examination in Beijing this year,
100% of the student receive offers from A-Level Universities. Exam result is not the
only thing SDSZ should be proud of, in terms of arts, the troupe was invited to UN
Headquarter in 2014, earned massive reputations.
Sharing the same ideal of promoting Chinese arts and culture, and protecting the
intangible culture heritages

Performing Troupe 4:Hubei Peking Opera Troupe

Founded in 1970, Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Theatre has developed rapidly and
 has become the leader of Peking opera circle in Hubei as well as a culture brand
of Hubei. It was titled "National Key Peking Opera Troupe" by Chinas Ministry of
 Culture in 2005, and was listed as a "National Protected Unit of Intangible
Cultural Heritage (Peking Opera)" by the State Council in 2008.
In the four decades after the foundation of the theatre, it has carried forward
the fine tradition of Peking opera. More than 200 excellent traditional operas
 have been staged in this theatre. Committed to reform and innovation, The theatre
has created and played many excellent operas like Xu Jiujings Advancement, and
has been bestowed with many honors, such as the National Wenhua Award, Award of
Association of Chinese Theatre Arts, Grand Award of Excellent Repertoire in China,
Golden Award and Silver Award of China Peking Opera Art Festival, and Award of
Top Ten Fine Operas of National Fine Stage Arts Program.
The theatre boasts of a number of artists with profound attainments, it has 26
national first-level actors (performers) and 34 national secondary-level actors
(performers). The theatre boasts of plenty of talents and various opera schools,
 forming a complete lineup and creating abundant strength.
The theatre has once sent performing groups to many countries and regions, such
 as America, Russia, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malta, Hong
Kong, Taiwan, and Mauritius, and has become well-known both at home and overseas.
 It is a Peking opera troupe of national first-class art standard deeply loved by
 domestic and foreign audience.
Mr. PAN Xinchun, the Chinese Consul General of the PRC in Edinburgh; Mr. ZHU Shihui, President of Hubei Peking Opera Troupe; MS. SONG Jie, Chairman of Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce; Helen Moonie, Provost of South Ayrshire; and other VIPs with the performers of Hubei Peking Opera Troupe.
Wu Lifan, also known as Ninu Wu, born in 1977 and has practiced Chinese painting over 30 years since childhood. He studies Chinese painting intensively; however, he has never followed the traditional methods. His paintings include an ink and wash style with natural subjects such as mountains, rivers, plants, flowers, waterfalls and clouds. The spirit of Mother Nature is expressed in his works.
Wu Lifan combines traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern understandings. Ink and wash creates texture and quality which enables a three dimensional sensation on paper.
The artist paints his understanding of nature through black and white works using ink/water in which different perspectives allow each beautiful detail of nature to showcase itself. As each moment has its own individual beauty which is treasured, his paintings capture that momentary, fleeting moment that only appears in a flash.
Suzhou Museum of Inscribed Stone Tablets is located in Suzhou Prefecture Academy, namely, Confucian Temple which is to the south of Renmin Road. Suzhou Museum of Inscribed Stone Tablets is a professional museum that specializes in collecting, researching, displaying and duplicating ancient inscribed stone tablets. The existing eastern Halberd Door, the Hall of Great Achievement, Chongsheng Hall, western Pan Lake and Minglun Hall retain the architecture style of the Ming Dynasty when they were renovated. This museum is rich in collections of inscribed stone tablets apart from 2000 pieces of different kinds of rubbings dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, among which the Four Great Tablets of the Song Dynasty, and Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Economic Tablets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are collections of precious cultural relics.
The basic exhibitions in Suzhou Museum of Inscribed Stone Tablets include “The Display on Confucian Culture Tablets”, “The Display on Calligraphy Arts of Different Dynasties”, “The Display on Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Economic Tablets in the Qing Dynasty” and “The Display on Ancient Suzhou Agricultural Economic Tablets”. Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Economic Tablets provide a number of valuable historical materials not only for the study of social economic history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as the early years of the Republic of China, but also for the investigation of the bud of capitalism in China. Among them, the Four Great Tablets of the Song Dynasty, namely, the Astronomical Chart, the Geographical Map, the Chronological Tablet of Dynasties and Reigning Monarchs and the Map of Pingjiang are the particular precious cultural relics. These stone tablets demonstrate that 700 years ago, Chinese people have already made great achievements in the fields of astronomy, geography, history and municipal construction, etc.
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