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SCCC will host the first Chinese Arts and Cultural Festival
Published:17/06/2015    Source:China Joint Chamber of Commerce in Europe    Views:888 Times

SCCC is hosting Edinburghs first ever Chinese Arts and Cultural Festival featuring a Sichuannese opera, Pingtan, a spectacular troupe of young drummers and more all set alongside a three day interactive celebration of authentic Chinese arts and culture.

Sichuannese opera is more like a play than other forms of Chinese opera, and the acting is highly polished. The music accompanying Sichuanese opera utilizes a small gong and an instrument called a Muqin, which is similar to the Erhu. The traditional formula is quite systematic with a combination of stunts like face-changing, sword-hiding, fire-spitting and beard-changing with the plot and different characters.


Pingtan is an art form enjoys great popularity in southeast of China. The long history has also laid a solid foundation for its development. Its contents are rich, though the form is simple. "story telling, joke cracking, music playing and aria singing" are the performing techniques, while "reasoning, tastes, unexpectedness, interest and minuteness" are the artistic features. Although it originated in Suzhou, Pingtan flourished in Shanghai with the development of commerce and culture at the turn of the 19th century and 20th century. After that, Pingtan became a new form of performance by innovating and carrying on the tradition.


The young drummers are award winning group who have performed around the world. They have been to Edinburgh Fringe last year. They put on a show in Festival theatre and was a huge success. We are delighted to have them on board with us this year to be part of our event.

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