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Membership Application Form (Download)
You may submit the completed form (through email or letter) to our office in Edinburgh, Scotland or in Beijing, China.
Or Click Apply to submit the membership application form online
Terms and condition
Membership is open to the companies, enterprises and organisations that have or intend to start multinational business in Scotland and China.
Any company, enterprise or organisation who wishes to become a member must submit the application online or to the SCCC office for membership.
The management committee may, at its discretion, refuse to admit anyone to membership.
No membership subscription shall be payable.
Anyone who wishes to withdraw from membership shall sign, and lodge with the association, a written notice to that effect; on receipt of the notice by the association; s/he shall cease to be a member.
Each member has one vote at the general meeting.
Anyone may be expelled from membership by way of a resolution passed by majority vote at a general meeting (meeting of members).
Members must abbey the rules that are defined in the constitution.
Members must support and take part in relevant activities organized by the SCCC.
Without permission of the board, no member is allowed to be involved in any commercial activities or other activities on behalf of the SCCC.

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