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Chairman's Address
I am happy to inform you that through the hard work of my colleagues and sponsors, Scotland-China chamber of commerce (SCCC) will be established on 1st October.  This is a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organization, aiming to build a bridge between Chinese companies and Scottish companies, to promote their mutual communication in commercial, culture, travel, education and Science.
Since China joined WTO, the domestic market has been more and more connected with the global market. International firms have realized the potential power of Chinese market, and started to build business relationship with Chinese companies. In this situation, as a single firm it could meet many unexpected problems when managing business across country. For example, the bargaining power of clients, restrictions and regulations of foreign market, and direct competition from the existing rivals. It’s difficult for a single firm to handle all the problems alone. Therefore, a chamber of commerce is needed as the help to conquer the difficulties. This is the reason why we established the SCCC. The organization aims to provide a communication web and information source to assist firms to tackle problems and offer big opportunities for similar enterprises to discuss problems in the market and exchange experiences in order to promote the healthy growth of the whole industry. The chamber of commerce has centuries of history worldwide. It proved that such organizations played an important role in the commercial activities globally. The SCCC aims to “build a bridge between Chinese and Scottish business, in order to enhance the communication between both parties and develop the market together”. As an intermediate between Scottish firms and Chinese firms, we will occasionally establish useful information for our member companies, as well as hold various activities, such as whisky parties, speeches or lectures towards a special subject, through which firms could find more business opportunities. Therefore, we are here to gather the power of Scottish Chinese and Scottish international companies to contribute to the development of business between China and Scotland.

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